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Mount Gay rum to foster legacy of distillery

Mount Gay Distilleries has acquired 134ha of the historical land around its distillery in the Northern Parish of St Lucy, Barbados. This was the original 18th Century domain once managed by Sir John Gay Alleyne.

The purchase finally reunites the historical sugar cane plantation with its original distillery, as it used to be more than three centuries ago.

Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet, CEO of brand owner Rémy Cointreau says: “we saw this unique opportunity as a sign to pursue our goal to create a true luxury rum brand.

Here in Barbados, we now gather together all the elements to foster the legacy of Mount Gay Distilleries: authenticity, history and terroir, with a single-estate rum, a genuine Barbados historical “château”.

This is just the start of another exciting adventure for Mount Gay Distilleries and Rémy Cointreau.” 

20 July 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor