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Hawthorns gin launches with a nautical story

A new London Dry gin called Hawthorn’s has been launched in the US and UK by 180 East. 180 East is a new spirits company that creates not only its own brands but also brands for retailers and distributors. 

ButterflyCannon developed the brand story and designed the brand identity and packaging for the new gin. The branding was inspired by Turnage’s grandfather, who began distilling gin while serving in the British Navy. During his shore leave, he would often recount his favourite tale of “being sunk three times but never getting his feet wet”, while sipping his latest batch, appropriately enough, ‘on the rocks’.

The brand’s naval heritage informs the design of the packaging. A blue and white flag-inspired split label creates strong standout on shelf while an additional row of nautical signal flags spelling out H.A.W.T.H.O.R.N.S on the secondary label give an extra layer of discovery for those in the know.

The packaging reflects this seafaring aesthetic with multiple levels of craft and detail, such as subtle varnished lines of longitude and latitude radiating from the logo, which evoke voyages to exotic locations in search of the perfect botanicals. Hawthorn’s is distilled with 10 botanicals.

“It was a great privilege to work with 180 East. Defining a brand’s story is always an exciting and challenging brief, and our team have managed to create a striking yet premium identity, perfect for Hawthorn’s positioning.” says Jon Davies, ButterflyCannon creative director.

180 East CEO Will Turnage adds: “When I came to ButterflyCannon, I was immediately impressed with how quickly they got to the heart of my brand’s story and then subsequently translated this into a compelling visual identity, that was exactly what I needed to successfully launch Hawthorn’s London Dry Gin.”

Hawthorns in available in the US in Connecticut, Illinois, Tennessee and Georgia. In the UK, where Booker has exclusive off-trade distribution, the RRP is £17.99. 

30 July 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor