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Blanche au citron launched by Bordeneuve

Blanche au citron (a white Armagnac with lime) is the latest release from craft Armagnac producer Bordeneuve Chateaux & Collections.

Blanche Armagnac is a fresh from the still, unaged Armagnac from the region of Gascony that was awarded its AOC in 2005.  Since that time, the AOC rules for Armagnac have changed and there is just one AOC Armagnac, therefore Blanche is now an Armagnac category, though the same strict regulations apply to the product.

Conceived with bartenders and cocktails in mind, Bordeneuve’s Blanche au Citron is made with a 100% Ugni Blanc Armagnac from the estate and limes (not from the estate!). It can be drunk pure on ice or makes a wonderfully aromatic base for many different cocktails from the most simple and refreshing to more complex creations.

Bordeneuve Blanche au citron makes a delicious granita and, works well with a fresh fruit salad or poured over sorbet.

A vibrantly modern new product and packaging from the craft distillery Bordeneuve Chateau & Collections in Gascony, Blanche au citron (40% ABV) comes in a heavy glass Kendo bottle with a screw cap and can be kept in the freezer.

The retail price in France is €25.  This product is already available in the UK.

17 August 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor