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Special edition gift box for Tequila Corralejo

Fraternity Spirits comes to TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes (October 18-23) with its new special edition Tequila Corralejo gift box created to celebrate the brand's 20th anniversay.

Corralejo has a unique look and feel that makes it completely different from its competitors and the new box continues this trend with colourful illustrations of the historical Hacienda Corralejo that will appeal to tequila fans. 

“We are extremely grateful to our customers and consumers who have helped us get Tequila Corralejo to where it is today. Currently our new gift box will only be available in selected retailers, giving it an element of exclusivity. The gift box is a real work of art, and we are very excited to showcase it to our current and potential customers at TFWA World Exhibition,” comments Raffaele Berardi, CEO of Fraternity Spirits.

 “Next year will see us expand the gift box into worldwide stores, making it available to all consumers. We want to broaden Tequila Corralejo’s appeal especially to the younger consumer, so we will be upping our game when it comes to supporting retailers with promotional material. Connecting to our target consumer is essential and we want to do this through online advertising and electronic marketing to get closer to the younger generation.”

Ron Prohibido – a Mexican spiced rum housed in a classical Spanish glass bottle has been another success story for the company. Targeting consumers aged 21-35; the rum is enjoying new success in Germany and Spain, and is being targeted at the rest of Europe.

“This rum is for those who are searching to open their mind to new horizons and who are searching for soft tastes and flavours. We have targeted the rum at young drinkers, and so far it is proving extremely popular being available in the UK, Spain, French, Germany, Italy Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and the Czech Republic,” adds Berardi.

In addition, Fraternity Spirits will also be showcasing its chocolate liqueur, Horus, which was successfully launched at TFWA Asia Pacific this year. Aware of the need to offer products that were outside of the ‘normal’ spirits realm, Horus Liquor of Chocolate is a neutral spirit based, rich and creamy chocolate liqueur; presented in a 750ml gold shaped-bottle complete with 999/9 gold stand symbol, the liqueur is proving successful in both domestic and travel retail markets. 

17 September 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor