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Cannes launch for Hanging Houses organic wine

“Why buy a non organic wine if you can have an organic wine at the same price and quality?" asks Nigel McNally, MD of Brookfield Drinks, brand owner of Hanging Houses, a new range of organic wines being launched at TFWA World Exhibition by World of Patria International (Blue Village G13).

Nestled in the heart of Castilla La Mancha, one of Spain’s best wine producing regions, is the UNESCO world heritage city of Cuenca. Established by the Moors, this stunning, fortified city is home to the famous Casas Colgadas, the Hanging Houses, which perch on the edge of the deep ravine that runs through the Old Town. These unique buildings, which are many hundreds of years old, were built into the side of the Huecar Gorge and remain suspended over the edge of the ravine to this day. They are a breath-taking sight and are the inspiration for Brookfield’s superb new range of Organic wines which, believes McNally, has huge potential both in global travel retail and domestic markets.

“Organic wine is in significant growth in Spain, France and Italy. This is because the price has come down over the last few years and it is now much more affordable,” he says. “Production has previously been low with a lack of organic wine production to drive prices down and meet higher volumes – this is now changing.”

Spain leads the European Producers for Organic Wine Production with 81,000 hectares, +394% compared to 2003, France 65,000 hectares, +299% and Italy with just over 57,000 hectares of organic vineyards +8.6% compared to 2011 and +81% compared to 2003.

Capitalising on this trend, Brookfield is initially bringing a red Tempranillo wine to the market, with Bobal Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc set to follow later next year.

Says WOPI managing director Rob Nichols: “We’re delighted to be working with Nigel and Brookfield Drinks – which has quickly established itself as a dynamic, company in the UK liquor business, focussing on new and innovative brands along with re-establishing and revitalising brands with heritage and provenance. Its new Hanging Houses Tempranillo organic wine is truly superb and will sit very well alongside our existing portfolio. We’re very much looking forward to introducing it to customers in Cannes this year with additional versions in 2016.” 

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5 October 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor