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Grant’s launches Elementary range

Grant’s Elementary is a range of three distinctive Scotch whiskies which reveal the scientific precision behind traditional whisky-making. The new range, exclusive to premium travel retail stores, also includes the rare Grant’s 29 Year Old blended Scotch whisky.

Developed by an expert team led by renowned master blender, Brian Kinsman, the individual Grant’s Elementary variants each champion a critical element of the whisky-making process. Each blend explores the impact of carbon, oxygen and copper on our whisky, and its age statement relates to its position in the Periodic Table of Elements.

Carbon 6 Year Old
Grant’s Elementary Carbon 6 Year Old is a blend of whiskies matured for six years or more. The whisky’s smoky taste reflects both the lightly peated whiskies used in the blend and the impact of carbon during cask maturation. Matured inside charred oak casks, the whisky is smoother as the carbon layer in the oak acts as a natural filter.

Oxygen 8 Year Old
Grant’s Elementary Oxygen 8 Year Old is a blend of single grain whiskies matured for eight years or more, with single grain distilled under vacuum at its heart. The whisky’s distinctive sweet taste reflects the removal of oxygen from our grain spirit during Grant’s expert vacuum distilling process. In an oxygen deficient environment, distillation can occur at a lower temperature, producing a crisp, sweetened flavour profile.

Copper 29 Year Old
Grant’s Elementary Copper 29 Year Old is a blend of prestigious whiskies matured for 29 years or more, with a flavour profile that is the perfect balance of both sweet and smoky. The premium expression celebrates the essential role copper plays during whisky-making. Single malt whiskies used in this blend are distilled in copper pot stills before maturation, and grain whiskies also react with sacrificial copper plates inside the column still to smooth out any sulphuric elementsin the spirit, extract the harsh flavours and produce a delicately balanced flavour.

Kinsman says: “Grant’s Elementary is a limited edition range that’s all about lifting the lid on the science behind our whisky and the three hero elements that have an impact on the final flavour. Alchemy is high tech by nature, and Grant’s has been a serial innovator for generations, but our new techniques are always underscored by more than one hundred years of Grant’s tradition. Grant’s Elementary aims to showcase all the innovation and modern science that meets our age-old craft of whisky-making, in one exclusive range.”

2 November 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor