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Label redesign strengthens Frog label for Mas

Domaines Paul Mas continues to champion its Arrogant Frog range with a further label redesign this autumn.

Launched in 2005, Arrogant Frog is now available in more than 35 countries. “The consumer response to the Arrogant Frog range and our mantra of ‘making old world wines with new world attitude,’ has been quite astonishing,” says owner Jean-Claude Mas. “I think this is because the brand is not only excellent value but also because it underlines our approach that wine should be fun and can be humorous - the label takes a French stereotype and playfully turns it on its head.”

From the outset, the Arrogant Frog brand has played a defining role in Domaines Paul Mas's philosophy of Luxe Rural, which underpins everything the company stands for. “Luxe Rural is about giving endless pleasure from wine, a culture and philosophy that shows the highest respect for our rural roots,”says Mas. The range has since become Domaines Paul Mas' leading mascot, its signature tongue-in-cheek label much loved by consumers everywhere.

At the heart of the Arrogant Frog range is a deep respect for the Languedoc's historic legacy of wine-growing; the wines are crafted by winemakers who have a deep connection to the local terroir that they work with. Here, Luxe Rural again comes into play in the management of the vineyards - Domaines Paul Mas favours natural and sustainable viticultural techniques, and is committed to a goal of total organic conversion by 2023. 'The great thing about the Arrogant Frog wines is that they very strongly reflect their origins, which is a vital part of what Luxe Rural is all about,' explains Mas.

 Undertaking the label redesign this year, Jean-Claude Mas wanted to celebrate the brand's 10th anniversary with a renewed focus on the historical legacy of wine growing in the Languedoc. “My overriding goal was to ensure the new label strongly emphasised the historical roots of theses wines; they are crafted by winemakers with a deep connection to the local terroir and region,” says Mas. Some of the changes to the Arrogant Frog labels include:

  • A drawing of the Estate appears in the background of the label printed on a higher specification paper
  • Jean-Claude Mas signature logo now appears in gold foil on a specific strip label below the main redesigned label.

Arrogant Frog range is one of the most diverse in the region, including popular varietal wines, reserve, AOP and sparkling labels and an organic selection. This label redesign is intended to further strengthen the brand.


12 November 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor