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Tennessee Stillhouse launches Chattanooga 100

The Tennessee Stillhouse micro-distillery, which opened earlier this year, is launching Chattanooga Whiskey 100 a limited run of white whiskey to commemorate 100 years of prohibition in Chattanooga.

This exclusive run of 100 cases includes the distillery’s 100th batch of whiskey distilled since opening in March, cut to exactly 100 proof. 

Co-Founder Tim Piersant explains: “The mash-bill of the whiskey was born out of a strongly rooted philosophy in our company, which is to not necessarily reinvent the wheel, but to try and build upon existing techniques and recipes.  Our unique Tennessee Malted Bourbon recipe is designed to deepen the complexity of traditional Bourbon flavours by boosting malted grain content beyond 51% while maintaining over 51% corn in the mash bill. 

 “The packaging was designed to honour the spirit of Chattanooga that got us here.  It was designed entirely by our creative director, Rich Abercrombie, who began working with Chattanooga Whiskey after designing our Vote Whiskey campaign, a key instrument in rallying to change county and state laws.  Our more recent Whiskey to The People campaign represents that victory, and celebrates the spirit of Chattanooga that made the magic happen.  The large Whiskey to The People mural in the Tennessee Stillhouse, inspired by the repeal of prohibition in 1933, inspired the artwork on the 100 packaging.

“The future looks bright as our product that has been aging since March is already telling us great things.  Our 1816 line of whiskey is, of course, a very high-quality, traditional Bourbon and we love it for all that it represents.  We will continue to offer 1816 and slowly blend in 100% Chattanooga-made Whiskey, as time allows.”

19 November 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor