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Wicked Dolphin Gold Reserve rum launched

Florida craft rum producer Wicked Dolphin has released Wicked Dolphin Gold Reserve Rum, distilled from Florida sugarcane and aged for three years.

“We have worked on Wicked Dolphin Gold Reserve since we started making rum in 2012.  Our rum is aged for a full three years in bourbon barrels, which imparts unique deep whiskey notes,” says Wicked Dolphin owner, JoAnn Elardo.

Wicked Dolphin Gold Reserve was handcrafted from two distinct fermentation styles using both Florida sugarcane and Florida molasses. The heat and humidity in Florida play a large factor in Wicked Dolphin’s rum making process because the South Florida climate leads to a faster aging process.

After three years, Wicked Dolphin barrels are blended and finished to create a smooth and sweet buttery start, followed by a deep oaky finish. To keep with a clean, honest taste, Wicked Dolphin does not add caramel or sugar to its rum.

Wicked Dolphin Gold Reserve is best enjoyed over ice or in classic cocktails. “I would recommend Wicked Dolphin Gold Reserve in a classic cocktail, such as a rum Old Fashion, or a rum Manhattan,” adds Elardo.

Wicked Dolphin Gold Reserve is available in 750 ml bottles at 40% abv / 80 Proof for a retail price of U$32.99.

Gold Reserve is available at the Wicked Dolphin Distillery in Cape Coral, Florida and through Republic National Distributing Company.


25 November 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor