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The House of Krug releases Krug Vintage 2002

The House of Krug has released Krug Vintage 2002, an assertive fruit blend made up of 40% Pinot Noir, 39% Chardonnay and, as always in Krug cuvées, 21% Meunier.

 “2002 for us was a year of great homogeneity and balance. It afforded perfect conditions to create Joseph Krug’s vision of what a Krug vintage should celebrate,” says Krug cellar master Eric Lebel. “The weather was consistently warm and relatively dry ‒ ideal conditions for maturation. From the very first tastings, we saw nature’s generosity in every parcel. The wines were round, rich, robust and in perfect condition, dominated by fruit and particularly aromatic.”

“As they continued to develop, we saw a remarkable finesse, finish and complexity too. It is almost as if each of the 2002 wines that we have chosen to compose Krug 2002 could be their own assemblage. The idea kept coming back to us that this was a hymn to fruit, an Ode to Nature. Candied and fresh citrus, tropical fruit, white and yellow fruit, fresh and jammy fruit, they are all intensely present, forming a crescendo that is both rich and delicate.”

Krug is the last among all the Champagne houses to introduce its 2002 vintage, and as with Krug 1988, released after1989, Krug 2002 comes after 2003.

Explaining the decision to hold back Krug 2002 to age an additional two years, Lebel says: “For Krug, pleasure is always beyond the notion of perfection or predictability, and it is only by tasting the Champagne that we decide to present it to the market or not. We act according to taste and taste alone. When we saw that the 2003, which was more vivacious and fresh in style, had reached maturity more quickly, it was an easy decision to present it sooner. We listen only to the wine.”

Each bottle of Krug has a story to tell and this is revealed by the Krug ID - the six digits printed on the back label of every bottle that can be read using the Krug ID App (free to download) or via the Krug web site. Information includes Eric Lebel’s impressions of the harvest, his tasting notes, food pairing ideas, and recommendations for optimum storage and serving.

Krug 2002 will be available from 1st February 2016

16 January 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor