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Millwhites launch traceable ciders initiative

Somerset cidermaker Millwhites Cider is releasing a range of eight fully traceable ciders to the UK pub trade branded Super8.

These ciders, made using apples sourced from eight different orchards, and only from 100% pressed juice, will enable consumers to trace the cider in their glass all the way back through its production process to the apple on the orchard floor.

Each will be characterised by the location of the orchard and the fruit varieties used. In a world of ever greater concern about where the things we eat and drink come from, Millwhites will be providing customers with total confidence in the cider they are consuming, knowing that the production process is totally transparent to them.

Where pubs stock the cider, customers will be able to access all this information at the bar by clicking on the QR codes on our pump clips with a smart phone, opening up all the information associated with their cider via a page on, plus other imagery such as orchard maps and photos.

John-Simon White, owner of Millwhites Cider said, “The release of the ciders is a truly exclusive opportunity for the landlords who are part of this unique project, offering their cider drinking customers access to information about their drink they have never been given before. We look forward to the opportunity these ciders will give us to interact with our customers and take great pride in being able to share our cider production journey with them.”

The first of the eight ciders will be launched in March, and monthly releases will continue through to October this year.

23 February 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor