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A. Hardy USA introduces new Vizcaya Black Rum

A. Hardy USA is introducing a new Vizcaya Black Rum to the US market. Crafted in small batches in the Dominican Republic using the traditional Guarapa method, Vizcaya Black Rum features pressed sugar cane juices as the primary ingredient. After blending the rum is aged for 12 to 21 years in premium charred oak barrels resulting in a rich dark colour.

Vizcaya Black Rum is praised for its bouquet, flavour and smoothness. The distinct fragrances of chocolate, walnut and honey contribute to the hearty aroma and full flavor that is expected from Vizcaya rums. The combination of the fragrances, charred oak barrels and aging process makes Vizcaya Black Rum unique and firmly distinguishes it from other black rums.

A. Hardy USA president Mark Levinson believes there is real potential for growth in the black rum category, given the rise in popularity of Tiki cocktails which typically require a dark rum. “We took this particular product a step further to create a super-premium black rum. Rum lovers are in for a pleasant surprise,” he says.

Vizcaya Black Rum is packaged in a 750 ml. bottle. It is 40% ABV, available nationwide, and its average retail price is US$28.99.

2 March 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor