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Funkin launches trio of cocktail mixers

Having identified key consumer consumption trends in the on-trade for 2016, fruit purée brand Funkin is expanding its range of 1-litre cocktail mixers for the on-trade with the launch of Funkin Raspberry Mojito, Funkin Elderflower Collins and a new Funkin Sour Mix, this month.

As the Mojito remains the UK’s No.1 selling cocktail*, Funkin is adding a second mojito mixer to its range. Funkin Raspberry Mojito is a twist on the original and made with the all-natural ingredients – the finest raspberries balanced with English garden mint and Persian limes from Mexico.

Funkin developed its new Elderflower Collins Mixer in response to the growing popularity of gin and elderflower. Over the past two years, the gin category has seen a 28% increase in value in the UK with the Collins being the No.1 gin cocktail while elderflower is one of the fastest growing botanical flavours. Funkin Elderflower Collins is crafted using Sicilian lemons and British Elderflower.

Research shows that 61% of frequent cocktail drinkers consume sour cocktails* and the popularity of citrus fruits featured on menus continues with an increase, with a  26.6% increase year on year***. With this in mind, Funkin has created the Funkin Sour Mix. This versatile cocktail mixer can be paired with a number of spirits including whiskey, amaretto, gin and tequila, creating a wide range of cocktails for all seasons. Made from a blend of the Sicilian lemons, Persian limes from Mexico and pure cane sugar, Funkin Sour Mix makes a perfect sour as the product already contains egg whites eliminating hassle and mess—just shake to create thick a foam.

Funkin MD Andrew King says: “Funkin is once again at the forefront of innovation working closely with our network of bartenders to develop mixers that are in-demand and respond to consumer trends.  

“These three mixers, Funkin Elderflower Collins, Funkin Raspberry Mojito and Funkin Sour Mix give operators the opportunity to up-sell their customers with a range of quality and creative cocktails. Our mixer range now includes over 30 products and we are proud to be providing our customers with even more ways to offer consumers the great-tasting cocktails they are after.” 

Funkin Sour Mix, Funkin Raspberry Mojito and Funkin Elderflower Collins are available in cases of six 1-litre cartons and have a 12-month shelf life.

*CGA Mixed Drinks Report, Sept 2015
***Technomic, Funkin Innovation Report, March 2015

Funkin Sour Mix

Funkin Whiskey Sour
50ml Bourbon
100ml Funkin Sour Mix
Method: Shake in a Boston Shaker and garnish with a lemon wheel and a cherry

Funkin Gin Fizz
50 ml Gin
20 ml Funkin Pro Citric Syrup
25 ml Funkin Sour Mix
Top with soda
Method: Shake and strain into a highball glass. Garnish with lime wheel

Funkin Raspberry Mojito
Funkin Raspberry Mojito
50ml White Rum
100ml Funkin Raspberry Mojito
Method: Build over ice, or shake and strain over ice

Funkin Apple & Raspberry Julep
50ml Whisky / Bourbon
50ml Funkin Raspberry Mojito
50ml Cloudy Apple Juice
Method: Build and stir over crushed ice, and add mint

Funkin Spiced Raspberry Mojito
50ml Spiced Rum
100ml Funkin Raspberry Mojito
Method: Build over ice, or shake and strain over ice

Funkin Elderflower Collins
Funkin Elderflower Collins
50ml Gin
100ml Funkin Elderflower Collins
Method: Build over ice, or shake and strain over ice

Funkin Elderflower Fizz
50ml Funkin Elderflower Collins
100ml Sparkling Wine
Method: Build in glass and gently stir

Funkin Cranberry and Elderflower Lemonade
50ml Funkin Elderflower Collins
50ml Cranberry Juice
Top with lemonade
Method: Build and stir over ice

Funkin range of 1ltr mixers includes Funkin Piña Colada, Funkin Mojito, Funkin Cosmopolitan, Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri, Funkin Strawberry Woo Woo, Funkin Margarita, Funkin Brazilian, Funkin Hollywood, Funkin Sour Mix, Funkin Elderflower Collins and Funkin Raspberry Mojito.


14 March 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor