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Technology revolutionises the Krug iD

For the first time, a luxury drinks brand is using a unique technology on its Twitter platform. In a move that marries individuality and a made-to-measure approach, tweets from customers about each bottle of champagne will be replied to in over 800 dedicated and exclusive responses. Using this, Krug will be the first brand of its kind to have the ability to develop more personal connections with its admirers.

Each bottle of Krug has its own story. In 2011, Krug started a revolution by sharing each of these stories using digital technology in the Krug iD. This six-digit number printed on the back label of every bottle can be entered into a smartphone to unlock rich content about each bottle. Krug consumers can discover a wealth of information, from the number of wines used in each blend and the harvest challenges faced by cellar master Eric Lebel, to essential tasting advice and music pairings by renowned musicians to enhance the tasting experience.

When a bottle’s Krug iD is tweeted with a hashtag, the user receives an immediate response, providing access to the mine of information on that very bottle.

The reply to someone who tweets Krug iD 408001 from his Krug Grande Cuvée might be: “This blend’s oldest wine is the same age as Rihanna… Seems '88 was a great year for the senses”.

“The International Space Station launched in 1998. Down on Earth, your Krug had just been harvested”, might appear in response to a tweet celebrating the flavours of Krug iD No. 111002 ‒ a bottle of 1998 Krug Clos d’Ambonnay.

“The oldest wine in this blend has been in existence longer than Google”, might be the response for a Krug lover to mull over after tweeting a picture of a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée KRUG iD 111005.

In addition, reply tweets may come in more unexpected formats. A Krug consumer tweeting the Krug iD 108002, for example, might be surprised by a video of Gregory Porter performing his signature title ‘Liquid Spirit’ on stage at the Olympia concert hall in Paris – the music pairing for this particular champagne.

“These responses bring the spirit of Krug directly to the consumer, delivering the historic and iconoclastic image of the House in an innovative way,” says Olivier Krug.

21 March 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor