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New look celebrates Havana Club’s Cuban roots

Havana Club has unveiled a new design for its 7 Year Old rum expression, which will be available from May.

The new bottle celebrates Havana Club’s Cuban roots with a simple shape that mirrors the design of the country’s traditional sipping rums. While retaining its sensual curves, the detailed craft label presents new multi-coloured edges to represent the vibrancy of Havana.  

A series of colourful neck tags have been introduced to encourage consumers to discover the craftsmen behind the super-premium expression – from coopers to rum masters – at Don José Navarro, the creator of Havana Club 7 Year Old, is pictured on the back label as if offering his rum to the upcoming generations of rum aficionados.

Nick Blacknell, marketing director at Havana Club International, comments: “We are very excited to unveil a new look for Havana Club Añejo 7 Años that speaks of our proud Cuban roots and the people behind this revered rum. Capitalising on the growing global demand for high quality rum, this new bottle will bring our Cuban spirit to international Havana Club fans and spirits enthusiasts alike and continue to support our leadership of the super-premium rum category (IWSR 2015).”

The newly designed bottle will be rolled out globally from May at the same RRP.

The Havana Club International S.A. joint venture was established in November 1993 by the Cuban company Cuba Ron S.A., responsible for rum production, and the French Pernod Ricard Group, with the goal of developing the Havana Club brand internationally via Pernod Ricard’s strong international distribution network.

Since 1994, Havana Club has been a priority brand for Pernod Ricard, and today it is one of the Group’s top 14 key brands.

Since 2003, Havana Club International S.A. has also been in charge of the domestic distribution of the Havana Club brand in Cuba, along with key international brands from the Pernod Ricard portfolio.

In 2007, Havana Club International S.A. inaugurated its new rum distillery in San José to meet the increasing demand for aged rums.

In 2014, Havana Club sold over 50 million bottles and ranked twenty-first in the Impact Top 100. Havana Club is the number three international rum brand in the world outside the US and the worldwide leader in super premium and above rums.

The company is based in Havana and exports to over 120 countries, excluding the US, where Cuban products are banned due to the trade embargo.

13 April 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor