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Campbell Evans joins whisky investment firm

Former Scotch Whisky Association director, Campbell Evans, has been appointed to the board of WhiskyInvestDirect, the online marketplace enabling investors to buy and sell Scotch whisky as it matures and gains value in the barrel.

WhiskyInvestDirect launched in September last year. In its first six months, investors using the platform bought more than £2 million of maturing Scotch, holding it in the same bonded warehouses as major distillers use to care for the maturing whisky they own.

The SWA is the 100-year old trade body representing the £4.5-billion Scotch whisky industry. Campbell Evans stood down as director of international affairs last year, having joined as head of media relations in 1991.

He joins WhiskyInvestDirect CEO Rupert Patrick (formerly at Ian Macleod Distillers, Beam and then Diageo), co-founder Paul Tustain (head of world-leading gold and silver exchange BullionVault) and Rob Procter (representing preference shareholders after last year's £1.55m crowd funding via Angels Den) on the Board of this innovative and fast-growing company.

Rupert Patrick says: "Campbell is a highly respected member of the Scotch whisky industry, and I am delighted that he has agreed to join our board. The breadth and depth of Campbell's knowledge and contacts will be a major advantage to WhiskyInvestDirect as we build upon our successful launch."

Campbell Evans says: "WhiskyInvestDirect provides an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to diversify their investments. For the industry it provides a new and different platform to trade spirit. I am delighted to join at this early stage and help assist establish WhiskyInvestDirect as a vehicle for investment and trade. "

WhiskyInvestDirect's online platform acts like a stock exchange for maturing Scotch. Today it offers 10 single malts and two grain whiskies, all of them key constituents of major blended brands. Users can trade as little as 1 litre of pure alcohol at a time, currently costing between £1.40 for young grain to £4.20 for 3-year old malt.

Blended whisky accounts for 9 bottles in every 10 sold worldwide by the Scotch industry each year.

Industry data for 2006-2015 show that Scotch whisky sold in the barrel at 8 years old had appreciated by 10.7% per annum on average from its price at filling, net of storage costs.


25 April 2016 - Rebecca Sterritt Paragraph Publishing, content manager