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New president for ACSA's board of directors

Paul Hletko, founder of FEW Spirits, has been announced as the American Craft Spirits Association's (ACSA) new president of the board of directors. He will replace Thomas Mooney, who served as the organization's inaugural
president since 2014. Hletko, who has served as a key member of
ACSA's board of directors since the organization's founding in 2013, and the
newly-elected board of directors will work together with executive director Margie AS Lehrman to address the key issues facing the craft distilling industry.

In addition to Hletko's appointment as president, Dan Garrison, of Garrison
Brothers Distillery, a newly-elected board member, will serve as vice
president. Steve Johnson of Vermont Spirits, a seasoned board
member, will continue to serve as secretary/treasurer.

"I have had the privilege of working with Paul Hletko on the ACSA board of
directors during the past two years, and I'm thrilled to see him at the
helm," said Thomas Mooney, who will remain on the organization's board as
Hletko takes on this new role. "Serving as president of the board of
directors these past two years has been one of the greatest honors of my
career, and I look forward to supporting Paul and working closely with each
of our new board members in the year to come."

"While Tom has left an indelible legacy, working tirelessly with the board
of directors these past two years to transition ACSA from a clear vision
one deeply rooted in industry values and a code of ethics into a thriving
organization, I am thrilled to take on this new role," said Hletko. "Our
team and board of directors look forward to addressing key issues on behalf
of our nation's 1287 craft distillers as together we move our industry

4 May 2016 - Rebecca Sterritt Paragraph Publishing, content manager