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Magners unveils new look and 'Hold True' push

Magners, who revolutionised cider with its over ice serve in 2005, says it is set to rejuvenate the drinks market once again as it introduces a new campaign to shake up the category.

Commencing this month, the brand will unveil new packaging backed by a multi-million pound media campaign across TV, outdoor and radio, further supported by heavyweight experiential activity, PR and social media.

The Magners bottle will be relaunched, along with new packaging across all cans and draught formats, designed to ensure maximum shelf stand-out. Magners will also be the first major cider brand to use the rip top closure, negating the need for a bottle opener and, therefore, helping support impulse purchases across the growing convenience channel.

The new creative campaign with the tagline ‘Hold True’ has been developed on the back of extensive consumer research and sees the brand focusing on its position as an original ‘true cider’ since 1935. A heavy-weight TV campaign will also launch in June, reaching 97% of UK adults.

Andy Cross, brand director at Magners, says: “Research is showing consumers are suffering from flavour fatigue in the cider market. With so much choice, but little resemblance to cider, consumers appear to be tiring of flavoured ciders in the same way they did with alcopops. Apple still accounts for 76% of the cider category, but research has shown young adults find the category boring.  We want to make apple cider exciting again by bringing a new attitude and tone of voice that will invigorate the category once more.  

“We know that Magners is still loved by consumers but we also know they have been enticed into new brands and flavours in recent years. This campaign is about reminding them Magners is still the original through our new campaign, ‘Hold True’. We’re investing heavily in the Magners brand with our new creative and innovative packaging and we can’t wait to see what consumers think.”

To support the renewed focus on the apple segment, Magners will be focusing primarily on its Original apple variant. This will mean replacing Magners Golden Draught across the on-trade with Magners Original draught to bring synergy across the family.  This move follows on from independent blind taste tests, which saw 62% of participants preferring Magners Original against the market leading apple cider brand.

In the off-trade, Magners Original is the only top five apple cider brand performing ahead of the market in both volume (+18%) and value (+8%)(Nielsen), giving the brand a positive platform for the launch of the new packaging and media campaign.

5 May 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor