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New premium gin to help protect wildlife

Tired of the mass-produced gins being churned out by industrial-sized factories, a former accountant, Matt Hepplewhite, launched the premium gin to “remind people how good gin can be”. Hepplewhite commissioned world-renowned distiller John Walters to create the hand-made gin.

Indian Sun is a blend of juniper, coriander, fresh citrus zests, crushed almonds and proprietary herbs distilled in 200L alembic swan-neck copper pots.

Half of the profits from Indian Sun (RRP £29.95) will be donated to the international wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation, with a particular focus on elephants. Hepplewhite is a long-time supporter of Born Free's work - in particular its campaign to establish Europe's first elephant sanctuary.

Hepplewhite says: “The way we treat elephants is deplorable. From killing them for their tusks, to chaining them up in captivity, to forcing them to perform stunts in circuses and beating them when they can't, I think when future generations look back at the way we treated them, they'll be ashamed of us.”

Hepplewhite's plan is to make Indian Sun (which is also vegan-friendly) the “biggest gin in the world”, so that he can “give more money to Born Free than it knows what to do with.”

Indian Sun can be bought at, and is being served in various top bars and hotels in London, including The London Gin Club, Portobello Star, The French House, The Oliver Conquest, Peg + Patriot, The Luggage Room, The Nightjar, The Whistling Shop, Merchant House and The Chesterfield Mayfair. Hepplewhite is also looking to launch Indian Sun into retailers.

Helen Usher, senior marketing executive for the Born Free Foundation, adds: “We are extremely excited and grateful to be chosen as the sole beneficiary of Indian Sun. It is not often that a partner would be so very generous as to donate 50% of their profits to our cause, especially one so beautifully crafted and which already has so much industry interest. We have every confidence that this gin will be a huge success. Every sale will make a huge difference to our work to protect and conserve elephants and other species worldwide.”

19 June 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor