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Love Ice Cocktails launched in Sainsbury's

LIC Frozen Cocktails (Love Iced Cocktails) have this month launched across 200+ Sainsbury’s stores at a RRP of £2. These “portable alcoholic refreshments” claim to be the world’s first fully frozen, thirst-quenching concoctions with the alcoholic strength of a genuine drink, 10%ABV, and yet they contain only 67 calories.

Created using premium Plantation Rum and natural ingredients there are two classic mixes - mojito and piña colada. A third flavour is in development.

They can be stored ambient on the shelf before being frozen for a party or dropped into an ice bucket for a garden party or barbeque. No mixing required. The packaging is a unique blend of polymers that allows for ambient distribution of alcoholic products. This means that LIC frozen cocktails can be sold as a liquid to be frozen at home. While this is similar to the pouches currently on the market, LIC's packaging has the advantage of not requiring consumers to pour the contents into a glass to be consumed.

The brainchild of childhood best friends Harry Stimpson and Noah Geeves, LIC are disrupting the traditional drinks industry with the technology to ensure consumable alcohol freezes consistently at 10%ABV. They have the formula to freeze alcohol for consumption up to 15%ABV.

The pair studied engineering respectively at Nottingham University and Imperial College London, and, following a successful stint with Diageo, spotted a gap in the frozen alcoholic beverages market. Equipped with the scientific knowhow and business nous, they scooped first prize in the RBS EnterprisingU awards receiving a £25,000 prize and endorsement from Mahiki, which became their first investor.

Following the completion of their respective engineering degrees, Harry and Noah developed their signature freezing formula to create their Mojito and Piña Colada flavours. Mahiki were LIC’s premier investors, collaborating to create a Mahiki LIC range, perfectly encapsulating the broad appeal of Mahiki to their consumer base in the form of LIC’s youthful and trendy product. LIC's executive board includes Diageo's former CCO Mark Barnard and former Unilever Japan CEO Ray Bremner, providing the brand with the knowledge and guidance as a leading drinks company in the form of an iced lolly. Out of 2,200 entries, LIC was chosen as the winner of the £25,000 prize from RBS EnterprisingU. The company was also shortlisted against substantial competition for the ‘Product Innovation of the Year’ award as part of the London Innovators Awards, backed by IBM. 

27 June 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor