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Bespoke packaging for new straight rye whiskey

Sagamore Spirit is introducing a premium straight rye whiskey in three major markets in the US—Maryland, Washington DC and Delaware, with New York to follow shortly.

Sagamore straight rye whiskey is 83-proof and 41.5% ABV and is being bottled in Baltimore, Maryland. The distilling team blends two different mash bills, a high rye and a low rye and then adds the Sagamore Farm spring-fed water to cut the whiskey to proof. The RRP for a 750ml bottle is US$40.

To create an original, attractive and colourful new package that would have a distinctive shelf presence, Sagamore Spirit consulted Saxco International. Saxco called upon Ptarmak, of Austin, Texas, to create a high quality mould for a diamond shaped 75cl flint bottle with flat shoulders and embossed logos on the front, back and heavy glass bottom. Saxco then provided a reliable, time-tested overseas source to produce the bottle, which incorporates embossed 1909 logos on the front and back and a three diamond logo on the bottom. The 1909 logo signifies the year the Sagamore Farm Springhouse was built, where Sagamore Spirit draws water to cut their rye whiskey to 83-proof. “The farm is built on a shelf of limestone rock and limestone water makes for some of the best rye whiskey you can have,” explains Brian Treacy, president of Sagamore Spirit.

A rich looking custom black wood top natural cork closure (from a “longtime quality supply source in Portugal has three-diamond logo imprinted on the top and is over fitted with a burgundy and black capsule.

The tricolor pressure sensitive labels are hand applied to each bottle with a batch number, bottler number and signature.

14 July 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor