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New Nordic gin Vidda Tørr launched by OHD

Oslo Håndverksdestilleri (OHD) has launched Vidda Tørr gin made with natural botanicals foraged from the Norwegian wilderness. Vidda (meaning mountain plateau) is an interpretation of a traditional British dry gin infused with Nordic botanicals. Inspired by Norway’s majestic beauty, Vidda is made with herbs and spices which accentuate the flavours found on the mountain-plains, it is a floral-forward gin with meadowsweet and heather flower balanced by intense juniper notes.

With craft and nature at the forefront, locally-grown botanicals emphasise the provenance of the gin. The key ingredients in Vidda comprise; juniper, heather, yarrow, chamomile flower, bilberry, angelica root and meadowsweet.

In 1927 the State Wine Monopoly acquired Norway’s last operational distillery, signifying the end of proud local and independent distilling traditions. OHD is dedicated to bringing these back and to the creation of high quality artisanal spirits enriched with Norwegian botanicals. Nordic traditions within brewing and distilling are an important part of local culinary history and Norwegians passion for foraging (nyttevekst) goes hand-in-hand with this. Scandinavian customs, foraging and the Nordic way of life all contribute to the philosophy of OHD.

Head distiller, Dave Gardonio comments: “Nature is our inspiration. The conditions of the seasons in Norway means we experience short, intense growing periods that greatly impact the flavour of the wild herbs and spices that grow around us. We use these naturalised botanicals to create the distinct aroma and taste of Vidda.”

Co-founder and partner in OHD, Marius Vestnes adds: “The idea for Vidda came from a trip to my cabin, which is illustrated on the bottle: it is where my family and I go to enjoy the pure air, the peace and quiet – our little piece of heaven, if you like. For me, our gin succeeds in capturing the essence of the mountainscapes and what it means to be Norwegian.” 

Vidda is bottled (70cl) at 43% ABV with a UK RRP of £39.95 and will be available at selected specialist retailers. Contact

26 July 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor