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Three organic tequilas launched by El Consuelo

Produced in the village of Atotonilco el Alto, El Consuelo tequila is claimed to be made “the way tequila was meant to be made”: chemical and additive free with the purest ingredients, using methods passed down through generations of Mexican farmers.

Launched in early 2016, El Consuelo is USDA Certified Organic and available in three varieties: un-aged blanco; reposado, aged for six months; and añejo, aged for 12 months.

The resposado and anejo are both aged in cognac barrels, giving them their rich, golden colour, full body and hints of barrel wood, which compliment the delicate agave flavours.

El Consuelo is created with USDA certified blue weber agaves sourced from Jalisco in the Mexican region of Tequila, a region with unique climatic characteristics that yield a larger, fruitier agave – resulting in superior tequila. In addition to being organic, El Consuelo is also kosher, gluten free and produced with social consciousness to support the Mexican farmers and the communities in which they live. Every step in crafting El Consuelo is done by the hands of dedicated farmers using proprietary yeast blends used only in El Consuelo tequila. The process is then completed using a family owned distillery and exclusive bottling process resulting in the spirit’s pure, smooth, and flavourful taste profile.

The team behind El Consuelo recognizes that the farmers, the community in which they live and the estate owned farms they tend to are the lifeblood necessary to produce the best tasting Tequila possible. They pride themselves on the fact that they are independent, small-batch producers, which allows them the opportunity to stay true to respected production methods revered by the local farmers and family owned distillery. The commitment to ‘doing things the right way’ is very important to the El Consuelo production. Simple practices such as taking the time for natural fermentation rather than adding heat and using habanero peppered water to ward off insects rather than pesticides are just some of examples of the production process that might not be the most efficient, but what El Consuelo feels leads to a product in a league of its own.

El Consuelo tequila  is 80 proof and in 750ml bottles with an RRP of: blanco US$49.50, reposado US$54.50, añejo US$59.50. Available in NY, NJ, CA & FL and nationwide online:

28 July 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor