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Feminine design for limited edition Ayala rosé

Agency 2S Global Design has created a fresh new graphic identity and package design for Rosé N°8, a limited edition cuvee from Champagne Ayala.

The design reflects the refreshment Champagne Ayala has been undergoing recently. Crafted exclusively from Premier and Grand Cru vineyards of the Montagne de Reims, the historic birthplace of Champagne Ayala, Rosé N°8 is first and foremost a great Champagne, made from grapes picked during the exceptional 2008 harvest, already celebrated as one of the best of the last few decades. The name refers both to the symbolism of the number 8 – of renewal and creation – and to the 8 years necessary for the elaboration of this wine. The result is a festive and refined wine, perfectly representative of Champagne Ayala’s fresh and elegant style.

This cuvee also shines thanks to its creative and innovative graphic conception: the distinguished label and original lines of the gift case echo the femininity and modernity that characterise the House’s universe.

“Our goal was to create an identity and packaging that express both the values of this great Champagne House and the intrinsic qualities of this exceptional wine, explains Sophie Schott, founder & creative director 2S Global Design.

“We have therefore established links between container (packaging design) and the content (wine) to build our creative concept.

“The ‘No. 8’ was chosen to reflect the rarity, excellence and precision that characterise this special vintage. The sensuous curves of the packaging, the bottle and the label emphasise the sophistication, elegance and femininity that are the signatures of the chief cellar, Caroline Latrive. 

“The light, air and festive side of the Art Deco motif is a nod to the 20s when the House Ayala enjoyed its golden age. The freshness of the colours and round and voluptuous chosen geometric shapes, have created recognizable brand codes for use on all communication media. And the use of chalky colours on textured paper evoke the calcareous soil of the region and its vineyards”

10 August 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor