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New eBay wine superstore for UK buyers

Worldwide Vines online wine super-store - Click, Click, Sip - created by CEO Paul Anthony Gidley (UK Wine Consultants – The Grape Foundation), Paul Stevens and Dan Church, has opened exclusively on

The launch initially has 130 wines listed, with the first wines available described as “something to keep everyone happy”. But, in just a few weeks’ time, “some of the biggest names in the UK wine industry will also be available, bringing perhaps one of the greatest line up's of wine in the UK online space,” says Paul Anthony Gidley.

“Worldwide Vines approach to wine is as simple as Click, Click, Sip – which simply highlights the ease and speed of the purchase process and denotes the quality of wines available through the eBay store'" he adds. "We have committed to adding a further 200 wines in the coming weeks, with a selection of fine and rare wines set to be included. By the end of the year, Worldwide Vines plans to have over 1,000 wines available on eBay, covering eight different countries, with all orders eligible for 48hour delivery.  All existing wines will range in price from a modest £8.00 through to £50 for Champagnes and a little higher still for the rare fine wines to follow.”

Worldwide Vines offers wine growers and retailers a new on-line audience and is inviting interested growers, producers, and retailers to get in touch: “We have the optimal store and technical capabilities to make onboarding very easy,” says Paul Stevens. (Contact:

Gidley adds: “We are incredibly excited about the future of Worldwide Vines on, with over 17 million shoppers visiting eBay every month it felt like the ideal platform to use to engage with wine lovers up and down the country, and we actually believe that the opening of this store on eBay is equally exciting to winemakers who might want to engage with them also. Worldwide Vines openly invites all interested growers, producers, and retailers to get in touch should they wish to be involved in this new and exciting venture

Deliveries are professionally packed and protected with a delivery cost of £6.20 for six bottles of wine.

“Age verification is a serious issue with regards to alcohol delivery as a whole,” says Gidley. We have taken steps to ensure the needed question is asked at the right time. Each box of wine will have a large AV sticker on it and will encourage the deliverer to ask age should it be needed, pointing out clearly, it is the law.

Laithwaite’s Wine also joins eBay

eBay is one of the world’s largest marketplaces and has also just announced the introduction Laithwaite’s Wine, the world’s leading home-delivery wine merchant, to its site. A wide selection of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines plus mixed cases are now available on the UK site from the leading wine merchant.

The online marketplace is now home to more than 3,500 wine listings in this recently launched category. With the younger generation enthusiastically embracing sparkling wines, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the site’s best-selling wine to date is a Dom Perignon Vintage 2006. Serious collectors will also find bottles priced up to £101,000 and dating back to 1867 available to purchase.

Rhian Bartlett, senior director of retail at eBay, says: “eBay is becoming a destination for those who know what they like when it comes to wine, as well as enthusiastic amateurs looking to try something new.”


15 August 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor