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Tia Maria’s new look debuts in Cannes

This year’s TFWA World Exhibition & Conference sees Illva Saronno present buyers with new packaging for its world-renowned coffee liqueur, Tia Maria.

The new bottle takes on an attractive look with a contemporary twist, with an elegant silhouette to show off its harmonious shape. The deep red label on the black bottle renders Tia Maria even more prominent behind the bar and on the shelf.

The design has been tested with consumers through the use of an innovative research method based on neuromarketing. It is a discipline that blends traditional marketing with neuroscience and pyschology, measuring what occurs in the human brain when it is subjected to stimuli related to products or brands. The result represents a further step forward for a historic brand that has always been in vogue, even for newer generations

Tia Maria is a coffee liqueur with a charismatic personality and significant aromatic structure thanks to high-quality 100% Arabica coffee and the unmistakable notes of Jamaican rum and Madagascan vanilla. It is ready to make its appearance in cafes around the world, with its coffee cocktails that highlight the extraordinary mixability and versatility of the sophisticated coffee liqueur.

Cannes also sees the reveal of the newest Icon limited edition designer Disaronno bottle, succeeding the extremely popular Roberto Cavalli edition.

Says Flavio Lasalandra, international marketing director: “This is a big year for Illva Saronno, with the new look Tia Maria bottle and the new limited edition designer bottle coming out – details of which will be announced in October. We’re extremely pleased with the new look for Tia Maria bottle, which we’re confident will have much improved shelf stand out and appeal within travel retail. We’re looking to support the new bottle with instore activations and tastings in order to engage directly with passengers.”

(Illva saronno – Green Village M52).

1 September 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor