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Bottle and design refresh for David Nicholson

Luxco's David Nicholson has undertaken a brand refresh courtesy of Saxco International for its 1843 Kentucky Straight bourbon whisky and Reserve Kentucky straight bourbon.

The brand, dating back to 1843 and a part of Luxco’s portfolio of whiskies since 2000, will continue to provide 100 proof bourbon in an updated sleeker, upscale package for both spirits. Jason Craig, regional sales manager for Saxco says: “Our role was to help create a package with a refreshing overall vibrant appearance with bold eye-catching appeal and a standout shelf appearance.”

Working with Luxco’s brand manager Fletcher Buchman and its new product development team, Saxco managed the new bottle development process to source and manufacture a sleeker and more contemporary 750ml quality flint bottle with a long neck, thick flat bottom and a custom embossment on its sloping shoulders. The bottle is being used for both variants of the David Nicholson bourbon whiskeys.

Saxco provided the new design custom cork assembly composed of a natural wood colored top and a custom cork with the Nicholson logo wrapped around it from a long-time supply partner in Portugal. The cork assembly was over-fitted with PVC capsules and completed by a Saxco vendor in California. For the 1843 bourbon the capsule was white with black lettering and for the new Reserve bourbon it was black with white lettering.

The bottle’s custom pressure sensitive labels were designed by CFx Graphics and were applied by a Luxco source. Buchman states: “The brand’s packaging with its new bottle, natural cork and embossing on the shoulder now more closely reflects the award-winning bourbon inside. Both the David Nicholson  1843 Straight bourbon whisky and the David Nicholson Reserve Straight bourbon whisky are being targeted to the bourbon connoisseur who enjoys a taste for ultra-premium American whisky."

The suggested retail price for the 1843 Kentucky Straight Bourbon in the 750ml size is US$29.99 while the Nicholson Reserve Straight Bourbon is US$39.99 for the 750ml size. The Nicholson bourbons are being distributed mainly in Missouri and Illinois, however, a nationwide rollout is underway.

30 September 2016 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant