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Glen Moray releases Elgin Heritage range

Bardinet's Glen Moray has released a premium Elgin Heritage range, featuring three single malts, focussing on affordable luxury. A 12 year old, a 15 year old and an 18 year old make-up the collection.

The 12 and 18 year olds have been matured in American oak casks. However the 15 year old brings together two cask styles, that of sherry and American oak.

Master distiller, Graham Coull, whose involvement in the range is celebrated in the bottle design, has watched each of the single malts. The focus of the range is not solely affordable luxury, but also to create products that are clearly originated from Glen Moray and Speyside.

Coull says: “Glen Moray's Elgin Heritage Collection has been carefully matured to create a smooth, sweet character combined with subtle oak flavours. Our unique Speyside climate gently influences these whiskies to produce a well-rounded character and complex finish.”

The design of the bottle has been created to capture the essence of Glen Moray. There is an emphasis on quality, with a modern and contemporary approach used to make the Elgin Heritage Collection stand out. However features such as the blue on both the boxes and each of the labels means that the range comfortably fits alongside the rest of its products.

The signature of Graham Coull figures on each of the bottles and boxes, whilst the age variant and product description is clearly featured. 

Brand manager Raphaele Delerue says: “With our Elgin Heritage Collection, we aim to create an accessible slice of luxury that doesn't need to be saved for special occasions - it's there to be savoured and enjoyed. Our whisky encompasses nearly 120 years of expertise honed at our distillery in the heart of Speyside where there's an immense pride in the integrity of the brand.”

The range is available to consumers worldwide, with a focus on the UK, US and Australian markets. The Glen Moray Elgin Heritage 12 year old, 40% ABV has an RRP of £35, the 15 year old, also 40% ABV, RRP of £45 and the 18 year old, ABV of 47.2% has a RRP between £65-£70.

18 October 2016 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant