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Drinks In Tube make alternative gift-packs

Drinks In Tube has launced its new Christmas products, ready for a busy festive season.

The Romsey based company has produced a Christmas gift pack, which contains single-serving glass tubes of wines or spirits, offering an alternative to traditional alcohol gifts, as well as an introduction to high-quality drinks.

Designed to make interesting and premium wines and spirits accessible, Drinks In Tube business development manager, Adam Lennox says: “You don’t have to be a sommelier or an industry expert to appreciate a fine wine or spirit. But not all of us have the budgets to try out a luxury product – especially if we aren’t sure that it is actually going to be to our taste!”
“That’s where Drinks In Tube comes in, simultaneously offering a solution to this problem and also a one-of-a-kind gift, neatly packed in one sleek box.”
“Our initial feedback from drinks aficionados shocked us somewhat, as they seemed to literally and figuratively turn their noses up at the idea of our screw-top tubes! But our rapidly growing customer base loves how different our gift packs are in comparison to the rest of the luxury drinks market, so we don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a bit controversial.”
There are eleven different gift packs in the full Drinks In Tube range:

Bordeaux and Rhone Red Wine, Cognac, Mixed Wine, Pinkster and QB Gin, Premium Mixed Wine, English County Gins, Elegant Classics Wine, Brittains Flavoured Vodka, French Classics Wine, and Premium Red Wine.
The top sellers from the recently launched holiday range include the:

Pinkster and QB gin gift pack, £28.49, English County Gins gift pack, £19.99, Elegant Classics wine gift pack, £29.99, Cognac gift pack, £20.99, Bordeaux and Rhone red wine gift pack, £29.99 and Premium Mixed Wines gift pack, £32.99.

The wines and cognacs in each patented, airtight tube of the relevant gift pack are authentically French in origin, while the gins are British, sourced from a number of boutique micro-distilleries around the UK.
Each Drinks In Tube luxury Christmas gift pack contains either five tubes of wine, or three tubes of spirits. Prices range from £17.94 to £32.99 (including postage), depending on the pack’s contents.
To find out more about Drinks In Tube, visit

26 October 2016 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant