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Nobby’s chooses champagne-style beer bottle

Northampton craft brewer Nobby’s has become the first customer to adopt new champagne style glass bottles from O-I as it targets growth through national retail and on-trade channels.  O-I noticed the trend for brewers to use champagne bottles and designed a family of shaped bottles specifically for the beer sector.

Paul McLavin, marketing and new business development leader for glassmaker O-I says: “Some craft beers have used genuine champagne bottles to improve stand out, but this poses problems in terms of weight and cost. Our champagne style standard takes a standard 28mm crown and at a sensible weight and cost.”

O-I’s design retains all the swooping lines and high status attributes that make the champagne shape so desirable. A 300 gram lightweight 500ml version was the first size to be developed from the 750ml original. Following its successful launch, O-I recognised that some beers required a smaller format and therefore developed a 330ml version at just 200 grams to complete the range.

Established in 2004, Nobby’s Brewery initially created a tongue in cheek positioning. As the brands developed, they needed a more restrained image and design agency Ad Profile has provided a more refined look without losing the ‘outsider’ appeal and quirkiness. The resulting brand identity provides a distinctive Victorian flavour which matches the hand crafted taste.

Nobby’s chose amber glass for its purity and ability to keep the product fresh. The brewer produces fine beers with no added sugars, colours or e-numbers and the bottle reflects that quality.

O-I supplied Nobby’s with the new container in cooperation with its distributor A E Chapman, the UK’s leading wholesaler of beer bottles which has supplied Nobby's with bottles for five years. Nobby’s is a prime example of a brand which has started small and is now expanding with the support of its supply chain partners.

About O-I
Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE: OI) is the world's largest glass container manufacturer. The company had revenues of US$6.2 billion in 2015 and employs 27,000 people at 80 plants in 23 countries. With global headquarters in Perrysburg, Ohio, O-I delivers safe, sustainable, pure, iconic, brand-building glass packaging to a growing global marketplace. For more information, visit o‑


26 October 2016 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor-in-chief