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Hiro Gold and expansion plans for Hiro Sake

Marking its 5th anniversary, Japan's Hiro Sake is celebrating with a premium sake, Hiro Gold, alongside expanding its profile abroad.

Hiro Gold, a premium sake known as Junmai Daiginjo sake, is crafted from 100% Koshi-Tanrei sake rice. This rice is grown exclusively in the Niigata Prefecture, the premier sake producing region in Japan, where all Hiro Sake is brewed.

Hiro Gold is produced in limited quantities only once a year by Hiro’s Toji (master brewer) and available initially in California, Florida, New York and Texas with a suggested retail price of $100.00 15% ABV, 72cl.

Hiro Sake has launched in British Columbia for the first time, with the first bottles of Hiro Blue for sale in Vancouver, making the brand available in all three countries of North America; Canada, the United States and Mexico. The brand will be distributed by Canwinex Co. in Canada.

In the U.S. Hiro expands into South Carolina, to be distrubuted by Breakthru Beverage and has changed distributor in Texas to Mexcor Importers. The brand also has announced aggressive plans to develop the on-premise market in California.

Carlos Arana co-founder and CEO of Hiro Sake says: “As we celebrate our fifth anniversary of the U.S. launch of Hiro Sake, we are excited to see a continued growth and interest in the sake category. We have grown in triple digits every year since 2011 and this year we are available in close to 50% of all U.S. states as well as in Mexico and Canada. We actively support our trade partners by offering in-store sampling for our off-premise national accounts and major local chains and a specialty cocktail program like the Hiro Tokyo Mule served in branded Hiro copper mugs in some of our key accounts. We say kanpai, thank you to all those that have helped us succeed.”

Hiro is hand crafted Japanese sake from the Brewery Taiyo Shuzo, established in 1635 in the Niigata Prefecture. In addition to the new Hiro Gold Junmai Daiginjo, Hiro offers Hiro Blue junmai ginjo (15% ABV) and Hiro Red ginjo (15% ABV).

Hiro Red and Hiro Blue can be used in a number of cocktails, standing in for vodka, rum or gin and with half the alcohol of traditional spirits. Hiro is only 39 calories/ounce, additive and preservative-free, gluten-free, allergen-free and has 1/3 the acidity of wine, making it easier on the stomach.

Hiro Blue and Hiro Red are available in 720ml and 300ml bottles with a suggested retail price of $39.99/$19.99 (Blue) and $29.99/$15.99 (Red).

3 November 2016 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant