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Half-Century blend contains 50YO whiskies

The Blended Whisky Company is revealing its The Half-Century blend.

Honouring the time before the so-called 'whisky-boom' and demand for increased yield, The Half-Century blend is a limited-edition release.

The blend follows on from its two multi-award-winning whiskies, The Lost Distilleries blend and The Golden Age blend.

The blend contains only whiskies aged for at least 50 years, as a testament to the  complexity of these whiskies - distilled over half a century ago.

Before the 'whisky-boom', distilleries were home to less efficient barley-strains, sprawling on-site floor maltings, inefficient brewer’s yeast, lengthy fermentation times, mucky direct-fired stills, bulky and inefficient worm-tub condensers and less active refill casks.

The Blended Whisky Company believes that these inefficiencies create flavour and character.

Just 768 bottles of The Half-Century Blend (RRP £599.95) were produced in the first batch, with an ABV of 45.5%.

The Blended Whisky Company range is available from retailers including Amathus, Amazon, Harvey Nichols, Hedonism, Master of Malt and Ocado.

4 November 2016 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant