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Royal banquets celebrated by Royal Salute

A limited-edition gift pack celebrating the heritage of the British monarchy's banquets,has been released by Chivas Brothers for Royal Salute.

The first edition in the series, launched to coincide with Chinese New Year, contains a bottle and miniature of Royal Salute 21 Year Old and, under the guidance of British designer Tom Lane, illustrates the story of the Field of Cloth of Gold.

Lane is a British calligraphy artist and illustrator, with over a decade of experience in the industry. His work is recognisable for encompassing intricate pack designs and typographic posters.

Tom took inspiration from the rich awnings of The Field of the Cloth of Gold, an historic meeting held in 1520 between the kings of England and France, remembered for its ornate temporary palaces, made of golden cloth to create a gift pack for the Royal Salute 21 Year Old that it houses.

Royal Salute’s signature whisky, Royal Salute 21 Year Old, is held within the gift pack, alongside a miniature of the same variant, giving aficionados the chance to enjoy the rare whisky while retaining the distinctive bottle.

Tom Lane says: “The visual history of the British royal family is a superbly rich hoard, from which it was a joy to seek inspiration for Royal Salute’s new limited edition gift pack. Looking at illustrations of The Field of the Cloth of Gold and royal motifs, past and present, the pack is a contemporary reworking of a historic moment for the British monarchy. The Royal Salute partnership was an extremely rewarding project, giving me complete creative freedom and allowing me to produce a design which I’m proud to see all over the world.”

Peter Moore, prestige brand director at Chivas Brothers, comments: “The new Royal Salute festive gift pack continues our brand’s celebration of the British monarchy, whose values have been intrinsic to Royal Salute since its foundation in 1953. The new series will give collectors the opportunity to enjoy our shared heritage, through an exploration of historic royal celebrations, of which The Field of the Cloth of Gold is surely the most renowned.”

The Royal Salute limited edition festive gift pack is available globally with RRP $149, price does vary depending on the market. Further limited edition gift packs dedicated to Royal celebrations will be added to the range year.

11 December 2016 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant