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Poetic License releases Fireside Gin

Independent small batch distillery, Poetic License, has introduced a new spirit to its range.

Fireside Gin is a limited edition gin available for autumn/winter. It is the distillery's second seasonal offering and comes following the success of its first, Picnic Gin, a strawberries and cream flavoured gin, which was available throughout the summer of 2016.

Luke Smith, distiller for Poetic License, comments: “We like to set a scene with our seasonal creations. With Picnic Gin, imagine sitting on a checkered blanket in the park with friends while the sun’s shining. However, with Fireside Gin, this one’s definitely for huddling around the fire with, it’s certain to warm those cockles throughout the colder months.”

Poetic License is a small batch distillery based in the North East. It has a 500-litre still called Gracie, housed in a bar of the same name, and three core products, Northern Dry Gin at 43.2%, Old Tom Gin at 41.6% and Graceful Vodka at 40.4%.

Poetic License Distillery aims to begin producing more limited edition runs which it is calling The Rarities, early next year. These will be one batch distillations, each creating around 400 bottles.

Smith continues: “We love experimenting with flavours and The Rarities provide an outlet for that creativity. I can’t say too much about them, but expect the first in early Spring 2017 and keep your eyes on our social media as you’ll find out there first.”

Fireside Gin is available to buy online now, as are the rest of Poetic License's products, at


13 December 2016 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant