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Havana Club finds authentic Cuban feel

Pernod Ricard rum brand Havana Club with design agency Pearlfisher London has updated the look of Havana Club 3 Años. The move is the second in a restructuring of the Havana Club portfolio.

Yael Alaton, strategy director at Pearlfisher, explains: “Tasked with moving away from a distressed brand aesthetic which, in the context of Cuba, had become clichéd, we rooted the Havana Club 3 Brand World in the concept of 'The Human Touch,' seeking to capture the dynamism, creativity and passion of Cuba and authenticity of its people.”

The Pearlfisher team travelled to Havana to work with local artists and illustrators. Jon Vallance, design director at Pearlfisher, says of the creative process: “To bring the raw creativity of Cuban people, as well as the brand principles of collaboration and unpretentious craftsmanship to life, each element of the brand world was cut, stuck, drawn, hand-painted or screen-printed in collaboration with Cuban artists.”

The visual identity system is a vibrantly clashing collection of graphic assets that Havana Club claims conveys the expressive culture of Havana: visceral, layered and chaotic yet energised by the spirit and creativity of Cuban people.

Designed to exist in harmony with one another, the assets marries crafted graphics and Cuban street life photography to create a cohesive whole.

The backdrop to the brand world, tiles in varying textures and tones of yellow,  were inspired by the eclectic tiles found throughout Havana, while 17 screen-printed graphics depicting icons of Cuban culture make up the visual language from which brand environments and product packaging stem. The Havana Club 3 Años logo has been reimagined through hand painting, while three bespoke, hand-painted fonts have been digitally realised to ensure the presence of the human touch in all written material.

David Experton, brand director of delivery at Havana Club International, says: “We did not want a brand world of strict guidelines and the new design system crafted by Pearlfisher and our Cuban artists for Havana Club 3 Años has perfectly delivered on our objective to create a platform for creativity for our market teams, empowering them to bring the brand to life around the world within a common framework.”

19 December 2016 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant