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Bowmore releases Vault Edit1°n series

Beam Suntory's Bowmore has announced the release of Vault Edit1°n Atlantic Sea Salt. One of a four-part limited-edition collection of malt whiskies celebrating key flavours such as sea salt, peat smoke, sweetness and citrus fruits, it has been developed in the No.1 Vaults, the world's oldest Scotch maturation warehouse.

Taking its name from Bowmore’s No.1 Vaults, which was established in 1779, The Vault Edit1°n series celebrates the balanced expressions of the Bowmore distillery on Islay. A new release of the Vault Edit1°n series will be launched each year until 2019 with the next edition being Vault Edit1°n Peat Smoke.

Aged in ex-bourbon casks, the first release in this new series will highlight Bowmore’s distinctive salty flavour profile. Created using hand selected casks, blending innovative styles of maturation, Bowmore Vault Edit1°n Atlantic Sea Salt reflects the distinctive climate in the depths of the No. 1 Vaults.

David Turner, distillery manager, Bowmore says: “The Bowmore Vault Edit1°n series celebrates the four key flavours of our remarkable whiskies. Each release beautifully uncovers the different layers found in Bowmore whisky as a result of its meticulous maturation at the home of the world’s oldest Scotch maturation warehouse.”

19 December 2016 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant