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New 12 year olds released by West Cork

West Cork Distillers is celebrating 12 years in the business, with the release of three new 12 year old single malts.

West Cork Distillers, which was founded in 2004 by three friends, is one of Ireland’s few independent whiskey distilleries. Located in West Cork, an area known for artisan handcrafted food and beverages, West Cork Distillers now exports to more than 60 countries worldwide and has announced its recent launch in Cork and Dublin airports.

Building on success with the current range, which includes West Cork Original Blend, 10 Year Old Single Malt and the limited release Cask Strength and Black Cask, West Cork Distillers has released three different 12 Year Old Single Malts – 12 Year Old Sherry Cask; 12 Year Old Port Cask and 12 Year Old Rum Cask.

Speaking about the company’s ethos John O’Connell, one of the co-founders says: "Since its inception, we at West Cork Distillers have believed in the delicate balance between scalable and artisan whiskey production and have actively strived to achieve this."

He went on to say: “Several of our products have been sold in the Loop in recent years, including Drombeg and Lough Hyne, and we are delighted the airport range now includes our flagship West Cork whiskeys."

Liz Field, West Cork Distillers sales manager says: “We at West Cork Distillers understand that our airports are Ireland’s gateway to the world and we are keenly aware that West Cork is a popular tourist hub, enjoying visitors from all over the world. With this in mind it is important to us that our products are available for sale to those same visitors on their way home from Cork or Dublin. We love knowing that they can take a taste of West Cork back home with them if they so choose to.”

22 December 2016 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant