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£8.3m canning line for Thatchers Cider

Thatchers Cider will be able to press and package all of its ciders at its Myrtle Farm mill, following the investment of £8.3m into its first canning line at the facility.

The KHS canning line can fill 30,000 cans an hour. It's facilities include an advanced automation, robotics, inspection and orientation system along with a bespoke packaging machine that offers Thatchers brand new pack designs as well as their traditional formats.

Martin Thatcher, fourth generation cidermaker says: “It has always been our intention to install a canning line and bring all our packaging, including bottling and kegging, under one roof. With the growing demand for premium cider in cans, this is an increasingly important part of our business, and so by bringing the facility in-house this is an significant development for us.”

As well as canning, Thatchers has its own bottling line, filling, capping and labelling 20,000 bottles every hour along with a keg line that produces 600 pints per minute.

Thatcher continues: “We aim to produce the highest quality cider from orchard through to consumer. and having our own technical and engineering teams installing, operating and maintaining the advanced packaging equipment is a very important part of this process.

“We have kegged and bottled our ciders here at Myrtle Farm for many years, and we’re delighted to be completing our packaging capability by bringing canning back home to Myrtle Farm.”

12 January 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant