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Glendalough reveals limited edition Sloe Gin

Ireland's first craft distillery, Glendalough, has released its limited edition Sloe Gin.

Only 120 bottles of this small-batch gin has been made for winter 2016-17, making it Glendalough's rarest expression to date.

Sloes, the dark tannic fruit of the native blackthorn, are the last of the wild harvest each year. Once picked, each is pierced with a thorn, added to Glendalough's famous botanical gin, and sweetened.

Many sloe gins have a lower alcohol strength since the sloes dilute the spirit, but Glendalough maintains a 43% ABV.

Glendalough is distributed exclusively by Findlater Wine and Spirit group.

The Glendalough Limited Edition Sloe Gin is available from the following select outlets:

The Celtic Whiskey Shop, Dawson St, Dublin 2

J.T. Pim's, South Great George's St, Dublin 2

P. Mac's, Stephen St Lwr, Dublin 2

Drury Buildings, Drury St, Dublin 2

The Jar, Wexford St, Dublin 2

16 January 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant