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New Listoke Distillery creates first gin

Newly established Listoke Distillery in County Louth, Ireland, has released a new gin Listoke 1777.

Patrick Noir, drinks consultant, says: “What sets it apart from other Irish gins for myself is how complex it is, whilst being soft and subtle enough to enjoy neat, which is a rare trait in any gin."

Noir continues: “It absolutely kills in a white lady, and has enough balls to stand up and be noticed in other flavour-heavy classics like an Aviation or Last Word. Diverse yet pleasurable all on its own, it really is an amazing liquid."

Listoke offers visitors the experience of a gin school, where the public can learn the secrets behind one of the country’s premium gins, and craft their own bottle.

The experience encompasses a tour of Listoke distillery, an education into the world of gin, its history and botanicals. Visitors then distil their own bottle of gin, under the watchful eye of gin experts. Using a miniature copper pot still, visitors can bottle, label and seal their own product, and of try gin and tonics alongside food from the Listoke kitchen.

Bronagh Conlon, co–founder, Listoke Distillery, says: “Every good gin has the 'Holy Trinity' of botanicals: juniper, coriander and angelica root, and Listoke 1777 Gin has a further six.”

“Whilst the recipe and combination of herbs and spices is secretly guarded, the gin reflects a distinctive array of botanicals which grow in the wild and on the grounds in the Edwardian walled gardens at Listoke.”

The distillery is located in a 200 year old stable building. It is in homage to the barn owls that dwelled there that one appears in colour on the Listoke 1777 bottle. The name Listoke 1777 is a nod to the long line of distilling heritage within the family.

James McKenna, sales and marketing director, Listoke Distillery, says: “Having recently returned to Ireland after 18 years working in the bar industry in New York, I was struck by the interest in gin, and saw the opportunity to recapture Ireland’s heritage of spirit production.”

Listoke 1777 gin has an ABV of 43.3%. Bottles are 70cl / €45.00 and are available in bars nationwide.

8 February 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editorial assistant