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Norwegian distillery releases Akevitt

The first batch of cask-aged Akevitt has been released by Oslo Håndverksdestilleri. The launch completes the Oslo distillery’s core line-up which includes Vidda Tørr gin and Marka, a Nordic digestive bitter.

Norwegians have been steeping herbs and spices to produce akevitt since the 15th century. The specific plants used to flavour the spirit are determined by local preference and cuisine. Traditionally Norwegian akevitt is made with potato-based spirits and infused with botanicals with a predominant flavour profile of caraway. Oslo Håndverksdestilleri has sourced locally foraged ingredients such as meadowsweet, heather flower, St. John’s wort, dandelion root, angelica root, yarrow, chamomile flower, sorrel, hyssop and horehound to use in its recipe.

After a long history of state monopolies on alcohol production in Norway leading to total control of the market, Oslo Håndverksdestilleri claims to be bringing authenticity back to the akevitt category and is dedicated to reviving traditional customs with the creation of high quality artisanal spirits enriched with Nordic botanicals.

Distilled from a potato base spirit Oslo Håndverksdestilleri Akevitt has been matured for 12 months in American oak cask.

It is customary to drink the flavoured spirit during celebrations, particularly Christmas, but it’s gaining traction as a cocktail ingredient around the world. Enjoyed at room temperature akevitt is often served in a tulip-shaped glass or as a shot taken during a meal.

Co-founder and partner in Oslo Håndverksdestilleri, Marius Vestnes comments: “Norwegian akevitt is a distinctive Scandinavian delicacy with a well-deserved reputation. It carries a sense of heritage and tradition of which we Norwegians are very proud. In completing our core range with Akevitt we now have engaging and exciting collection of Nordic spirits to offer.”

Akevitt is bottled (70cl) at 41% with a UK RRP of £42.95 will be available at selected specialist retailers.

14 February 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor