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New liqueur released by Mozart Distillery

Mozart Distillery has unveiled its latest liqueur, Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry, which it claims is bringing together classic flavours of spring and summer to UK consumers.

Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry is created by combining aromas of strawberries and bourbon vanilla with distillate. These ingredients are blended with cream and cocoa butter to deliver the liqueur maker’s trademark creaminess.

Mozart Distillery claims this is the first time the pairing of strawberry and white chocolate has been brought together in a liqueur.

Mozart Distillery CEO Florian Iro elaborates: “We are truly excited to announce the launch of Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry for this spring and summer season. For the first time chocolate and natural strawberries are fused together in a delicious and easy to drink liqueur. The vibrant packaging, our iconic foil wrapped bottle, is a real crowd-stopper. With Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry, we are opening a new season for chocolate lovers by presenting the chocolate world’s most liked fruit combination.”

Best served chilled, the liqueur can either be enjoyed on its own, as part of a cocktail, or used to create an indulgent dessert.

Striking and unique, strawberry red is the dominant colour of the campaign and ensures the bottlestands out. Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry has an ABV of 15%. The product is launching with a 500ml bottle and RRP of £15.

24 February 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor