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Toorank rebrands as Dutch Spirits

Dutch distiller, Toorank, has announced a full rebrand, including its new corporate identity, Dutch Spirits. It claims the move comes as part of its ambition to become a global champion of Dutch drinks innovation, as it embarks on a new growth phase that will take it beyond its current markets.

The company produces liquid for its own premium brands, such as Sloane’s Premium Dry Gin, as well as for an extensive list of over 1,300 challenger, third party and private label brands.

Managing director Andy Mallows says: “The decision to change our corporate identity was a result of our ambition to grow, both at home and internationally. We want to become the biggest Dutch distilling group and felt we needed a strong identity to achieve this. We wanted an identity that reflected our Dutch heritage, as well as the passion and identity of our workforce, hence Dutch Spirits.”

The company develops new tasting products for clients ranging from liqueurs to gins and whiskies to vodkas. Dutch Spirits provides flavour concepts and a service that extends to label design, bottles, boxes and other promotional materials as well as manufacturing and looking after suppliers.

Mallows says: “The one common ingredient across all our drinks is the people that work at Dutch Spirits. They are Dutch Spirits’ heart and soul and provide quality products that incorporate a highly flexible mix of innovation, design skills and manufacturing know-how.”

Dutch Spirits also has the scale across its Dutch and Polish facilities to produce 90 million bottles annually, which ensures that partnerships with third parties have the best possible chance of commercial success.

Mallows continues: “We are more than a ‘one stop shop’, we will take you through all the steps and, most importantly, have an instinct for what works."

As part of the change, Dutch Spirits has launched a new website –

19 April 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor