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Rémy Martin reveals limited edition Cannes XO

To celebrate the 70th Cannes Film Festival, Rémy Martin has released its exclusive XO limited edition.

A black and gold giftbox featuring a new design decanter, coloured in a black gloss, specifically chosen to echo film reels. It sits in a golden case, on top of stages, much like the Palm award of the event.

Specifically designed for Cannes 2017, the giftbox features the bottle design under the spotlight on one side and mirrors a film poster on the other, recording the cellar master names, director and producer of this exceptional product.

It was in 1981 that cellar master André Giraud crafted the XO. Produced by up to 400 aged eaux-de-vie, the Rémy Martin XO bares the signature of the House's cellar master.

25 April 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor