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Mackmyra releases 10 years old single malt

Swedish whisky producer, Mackmyra has launched its 10 Years Old single malt whisky.

It will be the first Mackmyra whisky with an age statement available to a wider public. Released in Sweden on 5 May, it will also be available in selected export markets.

Ten Years has been matured in ex-bourbon casks as well as new American oak casks that held Oloroso sherry. The whisky is created from the Mackmyra unpeated “elegant” recipe.

Ten Years has been matured for over 10 years, 50 metres underground at Mackmyra’s own Bodås mine warehouse. This seasonal whisky will be available in much greater quantities than Moment Tolv, which Mackmyra launched in February this year. In total, there are 20,000 bottles, of which 12,000 were bought by Systembolaget, the Swedish alcohol monopoly retailer. The remaining volume will be sold in Mackmyra’s prioritised export markets.

Magnus Dandanell, CEO of Mackmyra says: "We are very proud to launch Ten Years. It is a special whisky which we have given a great deal of attention to and so it gives us extra pleasure to be able to share it with so many in the first really large public release of a Mackmyra whisky with an age statement."

Angela D'Orazio, master blender at Mackmyra says: "It is very special to have blended our oldest whisky from four different types of cask. Demand has been great and it will be exciting to see how it will be received."

15 May 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor