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Varasto returns with designs from Bluemarlin

Finnish beer brand Varasto has returned to the market with a tongue-in-cheek design by Bluemarlin New York. The Sinebrychoff-owned brand launched in early May with sights set on becoming one of the top beer brands in Finland by the end of the year.

Sinebrychoff, Finland’s leading brewery, recognised the opportunity to add a new product to its portfolio that includes beer brands, Koff and Karhu.

Looking into the Finnish past, specifically in the city of Kerava, Sinebrychoff rediscovered Varasto, a beer originally brewed in the early 1900s.

Bluemarlin’s challenge was to pay homage to Varasto’s heritage whilst also giving the brand a more contemporary feel that would appeal to a modern audience. For inspiration, they were provided with Varasto’s original label.

Katie Eaton, creative director at Bluemarlin says: “Our task was to explore how far the design needed to be refined to be relevant while also still staying true to the original. As the label was created over 100 years ago, the design and lettering was all done by hand, thus inherently there are slight imperfections as well as a certain amount of aging. This, however, just adds to its charm and we didn’t want to lose that.”

To maintain the integrity of the original design, Bluemarlin suggests it was key to not be overly stylistic. So the seal keeps those slight imperfections in the type as well as bleeding of the ink to capture the brand’s nostalgia and convey its character. The starburst behind the badge provides depth and dynamism while also contributing to the design’s overall retro-feel.

The direct translation of the copy is ‘Storage Beer,’ thus the juxtaposition between the craft design and the seemingly generic copy gives the brand a dry sense of humour.

Alexander Sneen, vice president marketing at Sinebrychoff says: “It is extremely exciting to bring Varasto back to market as it is genuinely good beer that will undoubtedly appeal to consumers looking for a refreshing, easy drinking experience. The fantastic design successfully balances the brand’s rich heritage with its bright future with wit and style that will resonate with consumers in a real way.”

Varasto is the first project to launch since Bluemarlin was selected as an agency of record following a restructuring of Sinebrychoff’s agency roster. Providing support in brand strategy and design solutions, the international network has been slated to work on numerous upcoming Sinebrychoff projects including a brand creation as well as initiatives across its pillar brands.

Mark Gandy, global brand director, Bluemarlin, says: “Sinebrychoff has an impressive portfolio of brands with rich stories to tell along with the enthusiasm to do something strikingly different in the market. We look forward to partnering with Sinebrychoff as we draw upon our diverse team of creatives, strategists, and provocateurs to shape and elevate the exciting future of this established brewery.”

The oldest brewery in Northern Europe, Sinebrychoff is part of the Carlsberg Group.

29 May 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor