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Zeca Cachaça launches in UK at Selfridges

Zeca Cachaça, produced in Brazil's Zona Da Mata, has launched in Selfridges London and Manchester.

Zeca has been produced by the Matos family estate for over 100 years using only traditional methods. It is distilled in old alambiques, directly from the once-pressed sugar cane grown at high altitude.

The name Zeca pays a homage to Joseph “Zeca” de Matos, first of the family to be born in Brazil, son of the pioneer Antonio de Matos who moved from Portugal in 1891 to settle in theregion of Minas Gerais. Zeca makes its way back to Europe, by the hands of Joseph’s grandson, Marcos Matos. Marcos says: “My family and I are very honoured, proud and excited that our much loved cachaça is now available in Selfridges stores."

Zeca features a vibrant amethyst logo with the Tamandua anteater and is suggested as a cocktail alternative.

19 June 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor