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Taiga Shtof launches new vodka

Taiga Shtof has introduced at Vinexpo Bordeaux its new premium vodka using wheat, rye and water from the Taiga region of Siberia.

The vodka originates from the Taiga region in Siberia. It is column filtered through activated charcoal and platinum, and finally ice-treated for purity. The  concept was to create a ‘Grand Cru’ premium vodka and Alpha Spirit.

The brand claims to support the protection and preservation of the Taiga region, its nature and people. The name Taiga Shtof refers to the region the vodka  originates from – the Siberian Taiga – and the traditional bottle that Russians used to drink their vodka from – the shtof bottle.

Taiga Shtof has worked on its bottle design to symbolise this heritage. The new bottle structure features robust thick rectangular glass, which the brand claims emphasises clarity and quality, and is ergonomically designed with a genuine leather sheath and tribal ribbon accent which invokes the worship ribbons traditionally used by the tribes of Siberia.

CEO and co-founder of Taiga Shtof, Roman Gazine says: “Consumers are tired of the marketing noise that is constantly being produced by major spirits brands and look for something more artisanal, unique and eminent. It is our conviction that the true meaning of vodka has been lost and diluted worldwide. Recent research revealed that pure unflavoured vodka will still account for 95% of global sales. Taiga Shtof will seduce the discerning drinkers who only accept the very best taste and unique provenance. As Taiga Shtof only contains the purest water and 100% Alpha spirit and no alimentary components, its quality and authenticity, as well as its philosophy and design ethos make it stand out from competitor premium vodka’s.”

The vodka will become available via an international network of distributors in main markets and via Taiga Shtof’s international sales team.


4 July 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor