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SMWS launches sub brand Single Cask Spirits

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) is launching a new sub-brand, Single Cask Spirits, for its non-malt whisky releases.

While single cask whisky remains the Society’s core focus, the new Single Cask Spirits sub brand has been created to shine a spotlight on the array of other single cask spirits the Society bottles.

The new-look range will go on sale in the UK and EU in August, with 10 casks available, and follow in US and Australian markets from September onwards. The first batch includes a 25-year-old over proof rum from Trinidad £195, which has tasting notes by Ian Burrell, who worked with the Society to select the rum for bottling. Ian will also be creating rum serves for the Society’s venues and partner bars, and training materials for its staff.

Also featured is a 50% proof gin from Glasgow, £40, and an XO cognac £95. The Society has been working with gin expert Geraldine Coates and Cognac expert Michelle Brachet to develop serves and training materials.

Later in the year, bourbons and rye and grain whiskies will also be added to the range. Bourbon expert Matt Hastings, an international drinks consultant at Fluid Movement, will also be working with the Society to create training materials and serves for the spirit.

The spirits will have their own dedicated page at

The bottles in the Single Cask Spirits range will feature silver and copper labels, a Single Cask Spirits logo and the Society’s tasting notes which describe the flavours of the spirit. The Single Cask Spirits bottles will not be placed in one of the Society’s 12 unique flavor profiles, which are reserved for its single malt whiskies.

Helen Stewart, senior brand manager at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society said: “While single cask whisky will always be our absolute focus and priority, we have released many bottles of other spirits in the last 19 years as we like to explore the unique flavours and characteristics that single casks produce.

“By creating the Single Cask Spirits brand, we are helping our members and like-minded spirits enthusiasts navigate our ever-changing selection of single cask bottlings, and helping people delve deeper into the joys of single casks.”

The SMWS will be hosting Single Cask Spirits sampling sessions in UK venues throughout July. All details on

9 July 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor