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Sainsbury's NI lists RubyBlue potato vodka

Hughes Craft Distillery has launched its RubyBlue potato vodka in Sainsbury's stores across Northern Ireland.

Barbara Hughes, owner of Hughes Craft Distillery says: “When people taste our Potato Vodka they tell us that it doesn’t have the harshness experienced from other vodka brands and it’s the nicest vodka they’ve tasted. When they try our signature serve with a dash of white lemonade, sprig of fresh thyme, and a slice of green apple, they’re converted.”

Sold internationally in Russia, Vienna, Australia and Finland, RubyBlue Potato Vodka is now available in all 13 Sainsburys stores across Northern Ireland.

The RubyBlue range of fresh fruit liqueurs in Blackcurrant and Cranberry flavours will also be available to purchase in Sainsburys Northern Ireland.

18 July 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor